Chelsea Ladies Periodisation

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Periodisation is a holistic, universal program that allows coaches to plan a framework in which players can be developed.

It basically amounts to 6 week plans. The idea is to know:

  • what you are going to do every 6 weeks;
  • what you are going to do every week of that 6 weeks;
  • what you are going to do every day of every week of that 6 weeks.

The purpose is to improve match performance through training. As such, training needs to be match focused and football related. No point in doing anything that is not. Time is precious. Don’t waste it!


It is the complete way to prepare your players within a framework:

  1. It’s a gradual build over the course of a season.
  2. Focuses on Individual needs in a team context.
  3. Producing a system that allows you to pick the best 11 every game.
  4. Prevents the accumulation of fatigue & keeps players fresh.
  5. Do everything within a football context. No need to isolate.

Football is not an endurance sport, but an intensity one!” Because of this, we should be looking to:

  • Manage training loads between games for optimum recovery and preparation.
  • Increase the intensity of every session rather than increasing the volume of sessions.
  • It is better to have 4 session at 100% than 6 at 80%.
  • Train with shorter recoveries between actions so that players can withstand the workload during games.

Football training is the best conditioning!”

Periodisation concentrates on the details. Details are key to the success of periodisation. Training sessions should be all about football exercises. Everything should be about preparing players for a game. Look to develop them physically in the way that you want them to play. Have them play in their positions within practice. Set the formations. Set the positions. Play the game. Make sure the coaches know what you want! (DETAILS)

Workloads and Intensity Levels:

  • 3 vs 3 / 4 vs 4 – 1 minute games;
  • 5 vs 5 / 6 vs 6 / 7 vs 7 – 4 minute games;
  • 8 vs 8 / 9 vs 9 / 10 vs 10 – 10 minute games.

All training games should be played at 100% intensity. By doing this, and playing small sided games, you’ll increase the number of actions within a game and therefore begin to aid recovery rates. “The coach controls the volume (in terms of repetition), the player controls how hard they work“.

Chelsea SSG Rules:

  • Always play offside
  • Sinbin for any square passes
  • 1 touch if playing backward
  • When you have no pressure, you must turn to play forward
  • When you intend to play forward, you must take a forward touch
  • Create artificial turnovers for slow decision making (blow a whistle)
  • Reward Coaching (switch teams for player doing well, 3 goals for wing play etc)

Training Session Inclusions:

  • Training needs to be a passion for players, not a punishment. Create an environment where they want to come back for more
  • Training must have competition or targets (defenders, or time limit)
  • Incorporate play within your training sessions
  • Develop players in their positions
  • Have the session reflect the things you believe are important. It must reflect your way of playing. If you want a team to play high pressure, you must train for this
  • Make sure everything is gradual. Build toward a goal over the course of a 6 week block, and season

We are always looking for quality within our sessions and not the quantity of them. We are always going 100%“.

Player Attitudes:

  • Players are expected to work as a group
  • Players should speak of improving the game at all times
  • Players must develop habits. Decision making and general play is improved when players have good habits that can be called upon under pressure. Training in game situations will develop those habits
  • Players must report injuries early. Muscle injuries are the fault of the coaching staff? Create an environment where injuries are reported, and reported early.

There is an intentional focus within the Chelsea Ladies program. In order to build on that intentional focus, they are using the concept of specificity.

Principles within the Game:


  • Change your attitude as soon as you lose the ball
  • Press high and as early as possible
  • Cut out the long ball from the opposing team
  • Get narrow and compact to defend


  • Dominate the ball
  • Look to connect with short passes
  • Create space and give depth on the field
  • Score goals

These are Chelsea’s principles. Every coach and player is aware of them! Make sure your players know yours!!!


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